Rabu, 7 Oktober 2015

My Dream Trip To Korea


Actually, this is my dream. So, I hope somedays i will come Korea and do all my wishlist to make my trip perfect!. I love Korea! i love their food, culture, fashion style, street food, make up stuff, music, drama and all about Korea!. Korean influence in the world is huge including to myself. 
Among korea influence to me is 
1) Dream to come Korea
2) Buy Korean food like Ramyeon
3) Try make Korean food
4) listening Kpop song
5) Watch Korean Variety show/ drama/ film
6) Eat at Korean Restaurant
7) Try to learn Korean Language
8) Try Kpop dance
9) Buy product Korea (Make up stuff/ kpop album)
10) Start make wishlist to do when come Korea

This is a list about myself infected epidemic Korea. 

I really like/love this video because i like their view about the place they visited and moreover of course have 2PM and Miss A.

I watched this video for first time in 2012 and this year(2015) i watched again and make me more excited like my feeling for the first time watched.

I really wish my trip to Korea will be like this video. it look so best, wonderful and amazing. I hope someday will come someone to make my dream trip (like this video) come true. 

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