Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013

Why I Love Korea??

so long,i'm not update my blog,so sorry(fell like so many follower waiting for my new update).Ok back to the tittle "Why I Love Korea??" hmmm,i think this question really suitable to ME!because this my new entry,ok sorry! :)

Reason why i love korea

yeahh! i love eating & love food so much..First korean food i know is tteokbokki & kimchi. i never eat korean food(feel so sad) because in my town,i can't find korean restaurant & i really want cook korean food but i afraid if my food will not same the original taste :(
My Mission if i can go korean i will try this food :) (feel confident)

Fashion really synonymous with korea because korean people really great with fashion style & make people want try style  like them as role model.. Korean really make people brave to style as usual,example brave wear bright colour(red,yellow) more than black colour & like to combine dress with boot..Korean fashion style really make me brave & confident withmy style.

I really like their culture,i like see their traditional clothe or it call Hanbok,that clothe really beautiful and i always dream i wear hanbok,hope one day my dream will come true(pray). I really interesting with korean tradisional game,i really want try "ddakji/ttakji,jegi,tuho anf another

 From Running Man i know ddakji/ttakji

I really like their architecture,especially tradisional architecture,it really daebak! It only in Korea! 
& korean architecture also make more tourist come to Korea to get inspiration(more refer architect)

To be continued part 2........ see you again =)