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Omg! Korea Plaza KL do contest again & this time the reward is one winner can get go to KOREA!! this time i want try my luck again because i really want go to KOREA ,so let's check out my blog!!

Ok for this this time they ask 2 question to join this contest & one of the question is "name two place in the movie <Aku Ada,Kau Ada???>  which Tina & Nordin,who constantly clash with each other in Korea" so the answer is NAMI ISLAND & HYANGWON-JEONG... For last question is "If i have a flight ticket to Korea and i will.......(continue your blog story with this sentence) & my aswer is... let's scroll

If i have a flight ticket to Korea and i will GO!! of course i will go because Korea is the place i really want to visit & who does not want to,get a ticket flight to Korea for FREE,hehehe.. If i get go to Korea,the first place i want to go visit is NAMI ISLAND!,yeah! nami island because this place so beautiful no matter the season & this is also where the shooting drama winter sonata(a very popular drama in Malaysia & Korea)

I also want visit Jeju-do because Jeju-do have a beautiful island,there we can see the stone scraping the most  beautiful beach & the view is nice.Most i like go to Jeju-do is at there we can see dolphin in sea indo-pasific(if i'm right).I really want see dolphin in my own eyes. I think this one tourist attraction to come jeju-do.I also want visit Teddy Bear Museum & if i'm given a lot time,i would like to visit all the sights in Jeju-do..

In Seoul i want visit Namsan Tower because in Namsan we can see the whole city Seoul.I also want visit Hello Kitty Cafe,arghh!! the cafe so cute with all wallpaper,coffee,chair,mirror & more with hello kitty & pink,i like it..i want visit Coffee Prince cafe too,i like the drama,i can't imagine i can come to coffee prince cafe,place Yoon Eun Hye & Gong Yoo shooting coffe prince,fuhh.. If i get go to Korea in june until august,i would like to visit Yeosu Expo because all post about yeosu expo from Korea Plaza KL on facebook make me interesting to visit yeosu expo,if i get chance.. Most place all tourist k-pop fans,of course Music Bank!!,yeah! all new comeback/song we can watch at there with directly!.. All lovers shopping will go there,the place is Itaewon,Namdaemun market,Dongdaemun & Myeongdong,i like shopping but not until shoopingaholic..Of course if i visit Korea i want watch Nanta performance,what happen,i will try also to see nanta performance.. "Super Junior!!" if i got chance i would like to visit SMTOWN,who know,i can see super junior,hehehe.. "Aku Ada,Kau Ada" is a good film for who like Korea,like me,hehehe..yeah!! i would like to visit all the shooting location "Aku Ada,Kau Ada" in Korea,all the place is beautiful & awesome!.. Most important ,a place to stay,if i'm given a choice i really want stay in HANOK VILLAGE is Korean traditional houses!!

Namsan tower

hello kitty cafe & coffee prince cafe

Yeosu Expo

Music Bank





Of corse,if we at Korea we want try korean food.. The first food that i would eat in Korea is KIMCHI!! I would like to try bibimbap,bulgogi,pancake korea & more..

Kimchi & bibimbap

I really like korea,(feel like i want go now to Korea) i don't know "when" i really crazy about Korea.Nowadays,if there is anything about Korea,i will say in my heart "i will go Korea",even through i only saw in korean dramas,magazine,newspapers & internet about korea... I hope my dream to go Korea will stand,even though i had wait10 years..

But this year i will sit for SPM,i was so nervous ,i hope everything will work out & hope you all can pray for my SPM this year,wish i could answer with a good..


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