Khamis, 26 April 2012

What Inspires You About Korea??

Fuhhh!! finally i can write this entry ..yeay!! congratulation for me..hahahhahaha..Ok,i took many days to make this entry & today i make this entry...yeay!!! congrat2..hehehe..a few days i visit "Korea Plaza KL"..i see their  contest & the winner can get trip to korea with 2PM & MISS A,it awesome right?? So,i decide to join this contest..How to join this contest?? you should have blog & write about WHAT INSPIRES YOU ABOUT KOREA? so,let start this entry!!!

First,i start like korea after i watched korea drama,the drama is 'BOYS OVER FLOWER" i know all of you like this drama too right?? start that i know korea is nice country..Start that i like all about korea,i think it over 2008..after that,i follow all k-drama on 8tv..I start like k-pop after i watched 'Oh!My Lady' & i know Siwon is one of member 'Super Junior'.. From that, i follow k-pop & k-drama until now & i always follow about k-pop & k-drama from any media network,not only on 8tv.. Thank you 8tv because you,i know a bit about korea :)

Second,i think this year,many visitor visit Korea no exception Malaysia!! because i have friend (friend in facebook only) they go to korea *Jealous..When i see their picture there go korea,it make me so jealous with them & it make me more want go to korea,that why i join this contest..They say Korea so awesome & nice place to visit because Korea still maintaining the natural environment while Korea is a Metropolitan city.

Third,most i like is their place!!! yeah!! Their place so beautiful,awesome and more.. Their place,only in Korea we can get,that why i want to go Korea.. I like they decoration because it so awesome,it like we at imaginary world..don't believe,let go korea to experience.. :) 

Fourth,Korean food!! their food look so delicous BUT until now,i never taste their food,so sad,pity of me... I promise i will try korean food as soon as possible..As a Malaysian the korea name so hard for us to say ,but it will easy if we can speak korea right??

Fifth,Korea language is not easy right?? because tried to learn it,it so hard until now i still learn it on about you guys? i start to learn korea language,i think last year (2011) virus k-pop inside Malaysia..Now i know a bit korea language..I really enjoy to learn Korea language..

Sixth,i will be happy if i have image consultant because we can always to be styles..i really like korea style,i tried to style like korean style but i look like not suitable to me.. :( ..if i can go korea i can get new inspires new style & i will make sure it suitable to me.. hehehe..

This one really give me inspires about is "2DAYS 1  NIGHT" i really like this really give  me excited to visit korea!!  the program always show us,a beautiful place in Korea,example waterfall,mountain & more.. I LIKE KOREA & 2DAYS 1 NIGHT!!!


I know many participants give an interesting reason from me.I know those who participants in this contest ,to meet 2PM & MISS same with me too & my reason is i want to get Korean holiday experience,where the town developed which still retain the natural  ..i know i will not to win this contest but i try to do the best ..i really enjoy join this contest..goodluck!! FIGHTING!!

10,14 a.m,Thursday

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