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Make Budae jjigae!!

Before that,i want you guys know about BUDAE JJIGAE before we made that.. enjoy!! :)

Budae jjigae (Korean pronunciation: [pudɛ tɕ͈iɡɛ]; lit. "army base stew") is a type of jjigae (a thick Korean soup similar to a Western stew). Soon after theKorean War, food was scarce in SeoulSouth Korea. Some people made use of surplus foods from U.S. Army bases around the Uijeongbu area,Pyeongtaek area (also called Songtan)[1] or Munsan area, such as hot dogs, canned ham, and Spam, and incorporated them into a traditional spicy soup flavored with gochujang (red chili paste) and kimchi.
Budae jjigae is still popular in South Korea. The dish often incorporates modern ingredients such as instant ramen noodles and sliced American cheese. Other ingredients may include ground beef, sliced sausagesbaked beansdropwortonionsgreen onionstteoktofuchili peppersmacaronigarlic,mushrooms and other vegetables in season.


The dish originated during the Korean War, and was popular for a time afterwards, when people had little to eat. People made this dish by combining leftover Spam and hot dogs from U.S. Army facilities with whatever else was available. All the leftovers were combined with water in a large pot and boiled.[2] The dish is also referred to as Johnson Tang (존슨 탕), combining the common American surname Johnson and tang (, ) a word meaning soup.[3]

The city of Uijeongbu, which is bordered by Seoul to the south and has many army bases, is famous for its budae jjigae. In the late 20th century, the city of Uijeongbu stipulated that the dish be referred to as Uijeongbu jjigae to remove the military or war-time connotation in the name, though not many restaurants follow this guideline. Some restaurants have begun calling their productUijeongbu budae jjigae. There is also what locals refer to as "buddaejjigae street" where there is a high concentration of buddaejjigae restaurants.[4]

now,you know :) Ok,let make Budae Jjigae

150g of Spam
3 Frankfurter sausages
1 handful of Beansprouts
150g of Tofu
1 Instant Noodle (don't use flavouring)
handful of Rice cakes (if you have)
1/2 Onion
2 Mushrooms 
Budae Jjigae ingredients2 spring onions
800ml of Water with Chicken Stock 
1 Tablespoon of Gochujang
1 Tablespoon of Red Pepper Powder
2 Cloves of crushed garlic
3 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon of Sugar
1 Tablespoon of Sesame Oil

Budae Jjigae cooking Start by putting about 800ml of water in a pan, add to this about 4 cubes or 2 tablespoons of chicken stock and mix well. Cut the Spam, sausages and tofu in to slices and cut all the vegetables. In a bowl add all the ingredients for the sauce and mix well, Place the sauce in to the pan and add the other ingredients around it, keep the noodles to on side for now.
budae Jjigae with noodle
Bring the entire mix to boil and cook well, this should take about 15 minutes, the easiest way to check is to see if the onion is soft. At this point add some noodles it is common to use some instant noodles like shin Ramyun, you could though use any supermarket noodle. This will take a further 3-5 minutes to cook.

Budae jjigae ready to eat
Serve in a bowl and enjoy, there should be plenty for up to 5 people and you could serve with rice and some side dishes if you like, however with the noodles there is enough to fill you up. 
Budae jjigae servedBudae jjigae close up

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p/s:don forget to try it.. :)

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